Sail100 New Features and Resolved Issues

Have you loaded the Microsoft service packs from to update your version of Excel and Windows.

To find the current version of sail100 you are using Do Entrants, Select Item. The version number is at the top

After you have installed the new update and you open any existing series the new features become available in that series

Upgrade.pdf gives guidance on upgrading
Problems Resolved and New Features
              When using Pursuit type racing with Progressive Handicaping there was a problem with the new handicaps
              Also users wanted their finish time so that they could check them
              Some small modifications to ISA Progressive Handicaping
              An addition to Pursuit Racing which allows you to time the boats
              This then can calculate the elapsed time for boats based on their start time
              You can then use progressive handicaping for Pursuit Races
              Some small modifications to ISA Progressive Handicaping
              This allows users to not update the Entrants with the new calculated handicap say for the first 3 races of a Regatta
              The version put on the site on the 21 March has a mod which solves an upload to the web site problem in Teamcom 49
              IF you have that problem install the full version of Sail100 before running Teamcom49
              Some aditional modifications as to how some DPI are presented
              I have removed NHC Progressive Handicaping
              Some small modifications as to how some DPI are presented
              I have not yet completed NHC for 2014 so 2013 still remains
              This version has Teamcom v 49.xls
              A problem was fixed with ISA Progressive which would only happen in very very rare situations
              There is a very small mod to solve a problem which stopped the program installing correctly on some computers
              There is a new version of Teamcom following the Wilson Trophy
              There was a problem in Office 2013 that moved the buttons on the sheets for no reason
              I have put lots of resets in to solve this problem
              If you are using Progressive Handicaps using ISA standards you will notice a few small changes to the web pages
              The web page mods were done at ISA request
              There was a problem with the RYA Progressive handicap for Events if you were timing boats using elapsed time
              I have updated the way display screens can be created by adding more possibilities
              There is a new version of Special Input for lots of timed races v 213 this has a fix to the problem if you forget to input all start times of races
              There was a problem when printing and you wanted to compact the data onto say one page
              I have now added a modification to all the print functions so that this now complies with Microsofts latest modifications
       Sail100v292 with Team Racing Modifications
              This version has Teamcom v 48.xls
              Teamcom version 48 has modification to the Team Racing web pages
              The Web Pages are more Smart Phone friendly in Teamcom v 48
              Possibly making the use of display screen to give information to competitors less necessary
              There was a problem with Office 2013 if you clicked on Exit Excel and Save All Series
              That is now resolved
              This version includes RYA NHC Progressive Handicapping for Events
              Select this feature using Race, Select Item ,Modify Progressive Handicap or select standard settings ISA Echo/RYA NHC
              Click OK and at the very top Dropdown Select, Set up NHC Progressive to RYA (Regatta) standards
              There was a problem with the settings for the Club version of RYA NHC that is now resolved
              There is a new version of Teamcom v47 which resolves the new features of ftp in Office 2010 64bit and later
              This version is a small upgrade to solve 2 issues where a there is a debug issue
              One issue was in progressive handicapping and the other was in transfering Series data when you select actual place
              This version includes RYA NHC Progressive Handicapping for Clubs.
              RYA NHC for Events will soon be available
              Select this feature using Race, Select Item , Modify Progressive/ECHO ,OK at the very top Dropdown Select, Set up NHC Progressive to RYA (Club) standards
       Sail 100v287
              This version has a mod to do with Progressive Handicapping
              It corrects an incorrect nag message when recalculating a race
       Sail 100v286
              This version accommodates the 2013-2016 RRS modifications
              There is a new version of Special Input for lots of timed races v 212 this has the modifications applicable to 2013-2016 RRS
              There is a new version of Timed Auto v12
              This version of Timed Auto allows you to paste in the Finishing Times column, finishing times in the following format 01/01/2013 09:05:05
              You may need to use this if you are using some of the new Smart Phone Apps to finish races
       Sail 100v285
              There is a change in the 64bit version of Excel 2010
              This is the fist step in resolving that issue
              There seems to be a change in Sort commands in some versions of Excel. I have corrected that issue
              On some computers the print in the Winners Program was not working correctly I have resolved that
              If you have selected for DNC points Boats Sailed in Series+ then it removes boats that haven't sailed in the series when printing Entrants or producing web pages for Entrants
              A small modification when you are freezing races
              There was a problem if you do not want DNC boats on Race pages if you print or produce web pages
              There were some problems in v280 with printing and a minor one with producing web pages
              This now I believe completes the mods started in version 278
              Just some tidying of v 279
              This is version 279 because version 278 was distributed for testing
              This version modifies Progressive handicapping
              It stores the information you used to progressively handicap each race
              Hence allowing you to recalculate all races if you are using different formula for handicaps on each race
              It also recalculates all the races after a race input that is not the last race entered
              To use this new feature on a series which already has races sailed
              Do Entrants, Select Item, Recalculate all races before adding new information

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