Sail100 Software Program Frequently asked Questions

I have Office XP or 2003 and I need to change the Security Level to enable Macros to Run
       At the top of the Excel Screen do Tools, Macros, Security
       Change Security to Medium
When I print a web page I dont get all the data etc printed
       In Internet Explorer do
       Tools, Internet Options
       Advanced, Printing (Near the bottom)
       Select Print background colors and images
I have a series where the last 3 races cannot be discarded but the first 5 races carry a discard
       In Control, Is Race in Series Y?N it is possible to put D,
       D Races are not Discardable
The text is small on a Race print
       Choosing the columns from Entrants that appear on the race print is done from Entrants, Select Item, Organise Entrants Sheet.
       I recommend you only choose 2 columns by ticking only 2 of the 3rd tick boxes
I have only 3 finishers from a race of 50. How do I make the 47 boats DNF without putting DNF against each one?
       If on the input screen you make the sail number A.
       Then using the Notes drop down select DNF.
       This will put DNF against all boats whose results are not yet entered in that race.
I am running a non timed level rated fleet and I have a boat wrongly placed. How do I move it?
       Go into results input. Put in the sail number. To the right of the input is a move capability. Move the boat up and down as required .
I have input the discards wrongly so my result is incorrect? How do I correct it?
       Correct your discard Criteria in Control and your discards should put right
I have input the start time wrongly and my results are incorrect? How do I correct it?
       Change the start time and this will alter the elapsed and corrected times.
I am running a long offshore race and I wish to run the prize giving but not all boats have finished. How do I find out if anyone can beat the boats that have finished?
       Ensure that on the Race, Select Item, Make NYF boats DNC after Input is not ticked
       Input the results as normal and calculate the race by clicking cancel
       Against all boats marked as "Not Yet Finished" will be the highest place that boat can achieve and the time it needs to finish to achieve that place. Also it will tell you the finish time required to beat the last boat so far.
       A boat that cannot beat any boat that has finished will be left as "Not Yet Finished"
       To continue inputting the race data do Race, Select Item, Input Results as normal
I am running a timed level rated series but the recorders forgot on this race to record the time and I only have the finishing places. How do I input this race?
       Having activated select Item on the Race sheet there is a drop down which allows you to change a specific race to not timed or vice versa. Select the correct format before activating results input.
My print out for a race goes onto 2 sheets and there is only one boat on the second sheet. How do get them all on one sheet?
       When you select print on a race sheet there is an option to put the data on a selected number of sheets. If you make this 1 then the race will be on one sheet.
I am running an event where the boats have Bow Numbers as well as sail numbers sometimes the recorders are giving me Bow Numbers and sometimes Sail Numbers. Can I input using the Bow Numbers?
       Goto Entrants Select Item, Select Swap Columns. Select Sail No and the column with your Bow Number in and Swap them. Now you can input using the Bow Number. Swap back if you want to input by Sail No
I have two boats with identical sail numbers and the program wont let me input them. How do I solve the issue?
       When you tell your recorders that two boats have the same number how do you tell them to identify the boats? Usually I would guess that the two boats are different types. I usually put a prefix against the sail number that is the first letter of the type.
I need to know the first lady helm in the series. How do I do it?
       Firstly when you set up your "Entrants Organisation" you need to select a helm M/F column. Having input whether a helm is M or F you now have the basic data.
       Go to the Entrants sheet were all the series information is held. Ensure your data is currently sorted by series points. If it isn't sort it by series points and then by the M/F column.
       If you want the male helms do the same but sort M/F descending.
I need to know if there are any birthdays during the regatta for children. How do I do it?
       Firstly when you set up your "Entrants Organisation" you need to select a helm Date of Birth column. Having done this a Birthday capability will appear when you activate select item on the Entrants sheet.
I am running Laser rules round robin or other types of Round Robin because I have too many entrants to run only one fleet. How do I set it up?
       Please follow the explanation in RR.doc
I am running a regatta involving teams but my main racing is class 1, class2, class 3 and the teams are one boat from each fleet. Not all boats are in the team racing. How do I avoid inputting the Entrants and boat names etc twice and putting the results
       Input all your data into the three separate series ensuring that you choose the same Entrants Organisation in all 3 series.
       Create another series for the Regatta Team Racing.
       On the control sheet activate Series Setup & Scoring. The second drop down will allow you to select Regatta Team Racing.
       Activate the Select Item on the Entrants sheet. Transfer from each of the 3 main series the Entrants information. Delete those Entrants who are not in teams.
       Define the fleet for each boat
       When each race has finished transfer that race result into a team racing result.
I have a redress situation of Median or Average Points for the Series and it is the first race of the series I don't have any points for the redress boat for this race. What do I Do?
       What the program does is give points for the race progressively as races are calculated so the series situation is always correct to the last race sailed. Just input the next race as it happens
I want to know about web site generation
       Please follow the explanation in Web.doc
When I open files into Excel how can I do it without opening each file separately
       If you wish to open the files between two points in a directory. Activate Files, Open. Then highlight the first file. Then activate Shift and Left Mouse together on the last file to be selected. The files between the two points will now be highlighted. Activate Open
       If you wish to open random files in a directory. Activate Files, Open. Then highlight the first file. Then activate Control and Left Mouse together on any file you wish to open. The files to be opened will now be highlighted. Activate Open
I have multiple series using the same race results ie Individual Class and an Overall
       Set up the Overall Series first. Add all the Entrants
       Create the class series from Overall Series using Control, Create New Series
       Delete entrants that are not required in the Class. Note You may find the Sort in Select Item and the Delete After capability useful
       Input the finishing data into the Overall Series
       Transfer the race data to the specific race in the class using Select Item, Transfer. Note Only the boats that are in entrants in the class will be transferred

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