Sail100 Sailing Results Software Program

Regular New Updates are available based on User Suggestions

The provider hopes your club will make all efforts to support children's sailing

Sail100 was first used in 1994

Types of Racing
       Dinghy Racing
              Level Rated Class Racing timed or not timed
              Handicap Racing
              Average Lap Racing (Slow boats do different number of laps to fast boats)
              Round Robin where there are too many boats to start them all on one start
       Cruiser Yacht Racing
              Round the buoys
              Long Offshore
       Children's Sailing
Types of Handicap
       Level Rated Class Racing
              IRC, TCF, CHS (Handicaps where mean boat is 1 and elapse times are multiplied to get Corrected Time)
              PY (Handicap where mean boat is 1000 or 100 and elapse times are divided to get Corrected Time)
              Time on Distance Handicap
              Plus or minus Seconds Handicaps
              Progressive/Personal Handicaps including ECHO, Median Boat, Standard Boat (Could Sailing be as successful as golf if we all used Progressive/Personal Handicapping?)
Scoring a Race
       Low Points
              With or without RRS rule A9
              With 1 or 0.75 for first place
       Bonus Points
              With or without RRS rule A9
       Club Low Points
              A low points system designed for club racing which solves the problem that DNC points change when a new boat is added in the middle of a series
       High Points
              Including the Cox-Sprague system
       Make your own Scoring System
       Accommodates all known Redress and Penalty
Scoring a Series
       Tie splitting with lots of possibilities including ISAF standards
       Points multipliers which allow different points bias's on individual races in a series
       Practice races can be in or out of a series (Two separate sets of results can be generated with the Practice Races in or out of the series)
Types of Recorder
       A normal Clock
       An Elapse Time Recorder
       A Seconds Recorder
General Set up
       Allows you to set up the data that you wish to keep about each boat. As an example this ranges from Dates of Birth of Helm or Crew for Children's racing to Boat Name and Owner for cruiser racing.
       You can choose whether all or only a part of the data you are holding appears on your web pages and printouts
       Only presents data that is applicable to the type of racing you have chosen
Web Site Control
       Automatically produces a web pages
       Adding country flags against boats in web pages for international events
       Upload to your web site at the press of a button
       Produces printed sheet to record finishers
       Various print options
       Various Sort Options
       If you are using the results of a race for a number of different series you only need to enter race data once
       If you are using level rated not timed and a number of finishers overlap in different races at the finish that is accommodated
Other Software that is included
       A Team Racing program which covers standard Team Racing and Swiss League
       A program that is useful if all your races are timed and your boats overlap at the finish is also provided
       A program that allows you to record finish times at the press of a button and assign sail numbers to those times
       A program that generates from a number of series the winners of prizes and prints them
If you have a special requirement I may be able to provide it

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